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Transform almost any available wall space into fabric billboards of any length, with height determined only by the available space. Our vibrant-looking fabric prints can be rolled or even folded for low cost transporation. Once the tension devices on the display are extended, it automatically pulls the graphic taught over the display. Any restaurant, retail store or hotel owner can now mount Triga Wall Mounts to client-facing walls, load graphics, and quickly change them out without any tools or special equipment. Triga Wall Mount Systems start at $1,099. Contact us if you need a designer for your graphics or help with a configuration.

TRIGA Wall Mount System: $1,099
Triga Light
Hard Carry Case
curve 2

Display graphics on a new level with the Triga Wall Mount System. These wall mounts can be any width or height and can also follow any contour or shape of any wall. The price does not change for curves, angles, or straight sections. Simply swap out the graphic fabric to display different designs with the existing hardware.





Wall Mount Hardware

Single Sided Seamless Graphics

6'W x 4'H $1099 Additional Graphics: $499

10'W x 4'H $1699 Additional Graphics: $729

20'W x 5'H $3099 Additional Graphics: $1449

50'W x 6'H $7929 Additional Graphics: $3679

Any height, any width, any contour of any wall can be made. Inquire about price



Depends on the size you want. ANY size available.



Hard Carry Case with Wheels: $450

Triga LED Lights 2 (20,000 Hours): $320

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