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Pop-Up Express Fabric Displays
Zippa Fabric Displays
Triga Exhibition Stand Packages

Pop-Up Express

Our Pop-Up Express is the ultimate in Pop-Up convenience and set up ease. Featuring a quality Made in the USA frame, Pop-Up Express features a dye sublimation printed fabric panel that attaches to the frame with Velcro hook and loop tape. To set up, simply expand with it's pre-attached fabric panel into position. Pop-Up Express is available with or without wrap around end caps to cover the sides of the frame and a variety of case and case to podium conversion kit options. 


Zippa Displays

Our Zippa Displays are ultra-light, super-portable in-line graphic display systems. Featuring clean and modern lines and bright vibrant graphics, Zippa Displays feature a lightweight 2-inch diameter aluminum tubing frame that snaps together in seconds. Covered with a dye sublimation printed, zippered pillow case fabric cover, Zippa Displays pack in a minimum of space for easy transportation. Options include lights, monitor stands, back printing and a variety of cases and case to podium conversion kits. 


Triga Fabric Display Systems

Our Triga tool-less modular fabric displays create virtually no limits to the design possibilities you can bring to your next exhibit. From three-dimensional towers and free-standing billboards to back-walls and booths. Triga’s tensioned fabric displays let your imagination soar. What’s more, Triga’s materials are extraordinarily lightweight. For example, a 30m long wall that stands 2.4m tall weighs less than 180kg. And the best part? You won’t need a single tool to fashion your creations. That’s because Triga’s patented tensioning devices and modular design makes assembly extremely fast and easy. To see our other Triga products click here.


Tension Fabric Displays

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