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Each roll size is 5' wide x 10' long with the wooden slats running the 5' width. Each 5'x10' section is shipped in a 5' long x 8" diameter cardboard tube with end caps. There are two Bamboo strip widths: 5/8" wide by 1/8" thick available in 2 colors: Caramel and Natural. Our 2" wide bamboo strip version is 1/4" thick and available in a Natural and Honey. A 10'x10' section weighs 50 lbs and a shipping tube is optional with each roll. The backing on both products is a felt with rubber dots to hold the floor in place. The entire floor is made from recycled/renewable products.


Lightweight, easy to install, a true Eco-Green flooring solution, all products ship in tubes 5 'x10' ft. pieces, available in 2 colors - indoor/outdoor use, lightweight (43 lbs.), non-slip back, orders ship within 48 hours, narrow and wide slats available.

Wide Slat Rollable Bamboo Flooring: $8.25 / sq. ft.
rollable bamboo-block
Natural Bamboo_Caramel
Natural Bamboo_Natural

Rollable Bamboo is the elegant, practical, and eco-friendly choice for beautiful exhibit flooring.

• Affordable purchase pricing

• Lightweight handling

• Trusted durability

• Great indoor performance





Available in 5’ x 10’ Rolls

• 2" thick

• Non-slip backing

• Available in 2 colors (Natural and Caramel)



Weight: 43 LBS Per 100 Square Feet

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