Our PCG Inline Displays are design-driven, reconfigurable, and user-friendly. Using the most sustainable materials on the market, these displays prove that you don't need to look green to be green, and you don't need to spend more either. With endless accessory options, low price points, and free design services, look no further than our PCG Inline Display line.


Don't see exactly what you want? Give us a call. We'd love to design an affordable display that meets your specific exhibit marketing goals.

PCG 10.05 10' x 10' Inline Display: $6,099
PCG 10.05 10' x 10' Inline Display
PCG 10.05 10' x 10' Inline Display
PCG 10.05 10' x 10' Inline Display
Travel Case
Optional Ipad Kiosk
LED Energy Efficient Lights
LED Energy Efficient Lights


• High Impact Modular / Sustainable Design

• Lightweight Recycled Aluminum Frame

• Vibrant Tension Fabric Graphics

• Easily Reconfigurable

• Easy Assembly

• Individually Numbered Components

• Reusable Foam Packaging 



Lightweight Recycled Aluminum Extrusion Frame

(1) SEG Tension Fabric Graphic

(1) 3-Piece DTS Header Graphic

(4) Eco-Board DTS Printed Wings

(2) Flat-Panel Shipping Cases w/ Packaging



Ships in 12 Business Days.



(1) Sustainable iPad Kiosk: $1,299

(2) LED Energy Efficient Lights: $230

Backlit Version: $8,929